English Borders Perennial Gardens
English Borders Perennial Gardens

Things to do in the garden - March and April

Now is the time for spring pruning and tidy up!


Prune shrubs which flower on new wood such as: Hydrangea paniculata, summer-flowering spirea's, buddlea and caryopteris. Prune your rose stems back to a vigorous bud & remove any dead stems.


Cut out old & dead stems from mophead varieties: Hydrangea macrophylla. Leave the 'new' (last year's growth) stems which will bear flowers.


Trim summer-blooming clematis as needed, prune spring-blooming varieties promptly after flowering


Clean up beds, remove spent stems, dig in organic matter like leaf mold or compost and add fresh mulch where needed to retain moisture and discourage weeds.


Sow hardy annual and biennial seeds like foxglove, hollyhock when danger of hard frost is past.


Spring is a good time to divide and transplant perennials to keep them vigorous and fresh.


Enjoy your spring bulbs – keep an eye out for new varieties that you would like to add this autumn for colour, form and fragance.

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Browse some of our gardens in the gallery. Several English Borders gardens have been featured in the renowned "Gardens by the Sea Garden Tour" in the Borough of Stonington, CT.

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