English Borders Perennial Gardens
English Borders Perennial Gardens

What makes a Healthy Habitat or Ecosystem?

Food sources – plants which are native to your area for insects, animals and birds

Water source –for dry summers and frozen winters and even as a breeding site for amphibians. 

Cover – protection from weather and predators. A brush pile, old tree stump or log pile.


Suitable places to nest and raise young- nest boxes, bat boxes ( bats eat thousand of mosquitoes each night!), undisturbed shrubberies.

Absence of harmful chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides that kill beneficial insects and plants and can adversely affect water quality.

Do you have some of these features? Follow this link to learn how the National Wildlife Federation can guide you to assess & designate your own garden as an certified wildlife habitat (TM).

Joanna's garden was certified as a wildlife habitat in 2006, the garden contains native trees such as red cedar and American holly and shrubs such as clethra. Nectar plants such as bee balm, agastache, clover and foxgloves support bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects.

A mini-pond with native lilies attracts frogs, dragonflies and birds. No pesticides or herbicides are used in her garden, allowing populations of beneficial insects like lacewings to thrive. The lawn fed only by the activities of free-ranging chickens. Some areas are left un-mown and a succession of wildflowers such as milkweed, blue-eyed grass and st John's wort have arrived on the wind or via droppings of visiting birds.

Other parts of the the garden are left undisturbed as habitats for shelter and breeding; a log pile, bramble patch or an old tree stump can be a haven for small mammals. Nest boxes are in use each year and provide a constant source of entertainment as chicks are fed and eventually fledge.

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Browse some of our gardens in the gallery. Several English Borders gardens have been featured in the renowned "Gardens by the Sea Garden Tour" in the Borough of Stonington, CT.

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